A gracious WELCOME! Cepiatone Fine Art was founded and created by fine artist Callie E. Austin; a traditionally trained fine artist since earlier than 1985 to present. She has created artwork for illustrious organizations such as the Girl Scouts of America, has won first place blue ribbons at the Whitney Museum of Fine Art and Long Island Gallery of Art Long Island, New York. The artist is always available to help; questions and comments are welcome. Your visit is humbly appreciated, and overjoyed by your taking the time to be here. On any image, you may leave comments, choose favorites, add “likes” and share thoughtfully through social media to family and friends. Be sure to sign up for her latest updates as new artwork is added often. You can also find a fan page on Facebook, FANS AND FRIENDS OF CEPIATONE FINE ART BY CALLIE E. AUSTIN. Welcome again and thank you very much in supporting the arts.


CEPIATONE FINE ART(C) BY FINE ARTIST CALLIE E. AUSTIN Artwork comes in a diverse variety of print materials and like products. You may shop for artwork however you choose, by image or try a themed collection. Any image may be shipped as a stellar canvas print, a memorable framed print with a professional matte, new and trendy metal print or a warming statement tapestry piece for an imposing luxurious wall mounting. For any questions, artwork suggestions, museum store quality items, please email


CEPIATONE FINE ART CALLIE E AUSTIN Cepiatone Fine Art© is solely owned and operated by its artist, Callie E. Austin. All artwork images are the property and intellectual property and of its artist Callie E. Austin and all rights are reserved. No image can be copied, cut, manipulated in whole or in any part without express permission from the artist Callie E. Austin. Cepiatone Fine Art© does prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, any unlawful sales of its artwork, written word, or corporate content and ads. The only authorized dealer of all the artwork is the fine artist herself, Callie E. Austin of Wilmington, California. No other person or persons or entity or group may state or make a claim as such; its claim would be considered falsified. All licenses and copyrights belong solely and wholly to artist Callie E. Austin. Cepiatone Fine Art© believes in heavily promoting world peace in whatever ethical and moral means possible in the guidelines of the law. In this moray includes the art world; if you or someone you know has seen unauthorized sales of artwork, and you suspect the artist did not get credit for his or her creation in either case, please notify the proper authorities right away. Artists are valuable people in our world and have families to care for, too, today. Help make our world a better place and speak up with civility and peacefulness in writing or calling your local authorities against art theft. This will make a difference in the family of artists and our world. Peaceful and amiable resolution always solves the problem. Callie E. Austin Sole Owner and Fine Artist Cepiatone Fine Art (c) Incorporated (Previously Harbor City C.A.) Email~ Email~ Site~ Biography 1970, born in March. Long Island, New York. Artistic aspirations at a very young age of seven when she received her first art set. Throughout academic schooling, maintained a strength in fine art; oil painting, pencil. Further academia also included sculpture, pottery, woodworking and silk-screening. Defined concentration in Visual Fine Art, trained in the traditional early masters techniques. Engaged in art throughout high school, college and on through freelance work to present. High School Attributes Designed an award patch for the Girl Scouts of America, Rockville Center Diocese, New York. Year 1985 Designed seven greeting cards for Reach Out Parents Group. New York Year, 1986 Private oil painting for redesigned room in house. New York Year, 1986 Member of the Longwood High school Art Club. New York Year, 1988 Coordinated on a skill of a stained-glass window for an up and coming new high school interior window: dimensions four by four feet. Hangs in the school still today. New York. Year 1988 Coordinated on a skill donated a three-dimensional abstract wooden sculpture to the new high schoo. Donated to the new High School. New York. Year 1988 Honoring Venue Whitney Museum of Art, Long Island, New York. Excelsior to First Place Blue Ribbon on Trompe l'oeil on a collage of Newsprint paper, spiritual, and religious two-dimensional artifacts. Subject Jesus Christ, Holy Mother Mary and Saint Jude; Newspaper of New York Times front page:; Holy Land Art to Come to New York circa 1986. Year of announcement, 1988 Honoring Venue, Westbury Arts Museum, Long Island, New York. Excelsior to Honorable Mention Oil Painting of cubist related starburst form in just primary colors: Dimensions twenty-four by thirty inches. Year of announcement, 1988 Graduated from high school and received diploma with Secondary Honors. Major Fine Art and Business Year 1988 Post College Attributes: Collage Accredited adult continuing education Jacob Javitz Gifted and Talented Class. Conducted a landscape oil painting of land mass, planets and grecian peristyle. Dimensions eleven feet by four feet. Accolade attribution showing and placement in elementary school viewing for six months. Year 1988 College Attributes: Concentration of Interior Design and Graphic Design: credit acquired, degree not yet obtained. Suffolk County Community College Riverhead and Selden Campus, Long Island, New York. Year 1989 College Attributes: Taught Oil Painting, acrylic, and folk art tole/ rosemaling painting while employed with Lee Wards Art and Framing. New York Year, 1989 Worked in the Artwork Framing Department, Year 1989 Continuing Education Attributes: Attended Drawing and Painting class at Pasadena Community College; completed course with credits. Graduated with A-. California Year 1995. Attended Business Management and Sales class at Hubbard College of Business Administration 1991 through 1998. Completed courses with A+ grade and college credit. Continuing educational classes still today. Several personal works of expanding portfolio growth in oil painting portraiture and landscape. New York, Year 1990 to present. Reached abroad to photo retouching, photo developing, graphic design and photography. Year 1991 to present. Created logo design for an individual crafter. Wisconsin Year 1996 Created marketing publications and partial website design for company in radiology field. Wisconsin, Year 1995 to 2000 Created marketing publications and website design for company in veterinary industry. Wisconsin, Year 2000 to 2003 Created logo design for an individual professional seamstress and dressmaker. Florida, Year 2009 Created marketing publication for pet and pet owner photo opportunity company. Florida Year 2001 Employment Attributes: While employed with a wholesale media company for over seven years created own drawing near marketing publications with contiguous increasing gross profit. Awarded each year for sales achievements. Florida, Year 2003 to 2013 Created above companies' poster brochure for their annual warehouse sale. Florida Year 2013 Created online social media exposure for poster company. Created consistent artistic marketing design. Florida Year 2013 Private commissioned mural, floral motif in acrylic. Dimensions twenty-two feet by six feet. California Year 2017 Private commission of portrait done in pencil; delicate depiction of an elder Uncle and close nephew. California Year 2018 Created Cepiatone Fine Art Incorporated. Callie E. Austin's lifes' work and online portfolio. Year 1973-1985 to present. Participated on the Summer Studio Art Academy Christmas Show. Created five acrylic Christmas themed paintings. California Year 2017 Art Show “Art Jam” at the Summer Studio Art Academy. Shown three pen and ink drawings “Together”, Repair Relationships", “Friendship”. Received with embracing reviews. Received press from this exhibit. Year 2017 Private commission mural. Twenty-two feet long, six feet tall flower/floral mural, included wild life and forest garden figures. Year 2017 Volunteer Summer Studio Art Academy; participated in setting up monthly open house art showings. Exhibited here. California Year 2016 through 2020 and to continue. Volunteer Artist with the Harbor City Neighborhood Council in painting city slated electrical boxes in a historical postcard design for neighborhood beautification, city unity and awareness of the arts. California Year 2018 Created and Administrate an artist group titled “Curator Look Here Please” on Fine Art America for artists to safely post their works of art of choice to be potentially viewed by a museum or gallery curator. Online Gallery. Year 2019 to present. Enrolled in Khan Academy College / Art History College credit/certificates pending completion. Year 2019 to present. Enrolled Los Angeles Harbor City College / Art History College credit/Certificates pending completion. Year 2021 to present. Yours truly, Callie E. Austin Sole Owner, Fine Artist and only legal Representative of Cepiatone Fine Art Inc© and World Peace Organics© 1973-1985 © COPYRIGHT CEPIATONE FINE ART BY FINE ARTIST CALLIE E AUSTIN ALL RIGHTS RESERVED